John Blauth: the story so far

After many months of psychotherapy I am unable to tell you exactly who I am. Conversely, I have a far better idea of who I was.

Born in Kensington; formative years in London; now live in the Surrey bubble as this suburban place is described by people from elsewhere.

I read Philosophy & Theology at university (London) and have been a writer manqué ever since. Further, rather dry, details can be found on LinkedIn.

The essential John Blauth: is a husband and father; has an obsessive interest in neat and considerate parking; robustly delights in first-class lunches and reads an apparently endless line of books, not many of which are fiction. These attributes, with other traits and foibles, maintain my brain and soul in a close and harmonious working partnership.

I am fond of bagpipes, both at rest and play. I enjoy the company of most people. I am keen to meet a live Kakapo.

A Kakapo. It walks and does not fly.

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