US lawyer seeks clients who have suffered “sudden death”

An ad running in the US asks “If you have suffered a heart attack, sudden death or abnormal heartbeat, contact Davis & Crump …” and goes on to encourage those who have been injured or died whilst using a particular product, to call for cash compensation.

Fascinating figures make for intriguing infographics

From an outside perspective the international arms trade is mostly shrouded in mystery. No longer: have a look at this startling content and be amazed at the dynamic use to which dry ‘think tank’ data can be put.

It’s not Russia apparently…

It’s us – plus the Dutch and Americans – who apparently are host to most of the internet content that you wouldn’t want your husband, home help or children to see.

Be careful what you wish for

Do you want your security transparent & accountable? Or would you prefer not to know what the government does in your name to keep you and me safe?

If only I knew then, what I know now…

Because summer is about to give way to autumn, my inbox is filling with CVs from young people, fresh from uni. They did nothing about job-seeking in years two and three and are now keen to avoid the career-path that empty supermarket shelves offer.