Toad? Don’t talk to me about Toad

Ratty was a narcissist with neurotic tendencies. Badger was a bombastic bully with an assumed kindly and bluff streak developed to hide an arrogant manner.

Mean what you say, or say what you mean?

English language newspaper obituaries are the finest examples of euphemistic writing, a genre in which we are the world champions.

Dear Mr Harding

As you no doubt remember from your days working on a serious newspaper, reader letters tend to fall into one of two categories…

A well edited sentence is a thing of beauty

Where are sentences and syntax so pretty and fresh that they match natural pearls to be found? Why, in the pages of the Economist.

Should’ve or should not’ve; it’s so tricky now…

I’ve received two responses to last week’s blog which concerned the Intellectual Property Office approving Specsavers appropriation of ‘should’ve’.

We should’ve stopped them; thankfully we still can

The marketing folk at Specsavers are not illiterate. We know this because their ad strap says ‘should’ve gone to’ and not ‘should of’. Bravo and well done.