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I’m looking for a sharp brain, attached to a work ethic, with oodles of intelligence, imagination, initiative, integrity and good humour.

Here is the news … hold on; that’s not news

News used to be either something that someone somewhere did not want known. Otherwise it was something so unusual that it would be a source of amusement.

Goodbye Kate Granger who said: “I am not a diseased body … I am Kate Granger”

During a hospital stay with post-operative sepsis, Kate noted that many staff looking after her did not introduce themselves before delivering her care.

Crowds are only as wise as their dumbest component

Once, LinkedIn was a useful job board where buyers and sellers could sniff each other out before they made interview dates or other arrangements to meet.

Cleared for take off

A fast jet, screaming across the sky, delivers a unique visceral thrill. The noise the lethal machine makes as it devours the air through which it flies.

Hold your fire

There have been occasions in our history when we were faced, individually as well as collectively, with difficult circumstances.